How To Book A Reading
A limited amount of readings are usually released monthly on a first come first served basis. There are several reading types including absent trance channellings, runes of destiny and ascension tarot. We vary the readings each month and they cannot be requested in advance.

In order to be informed as to when these readings are available to book you can join our reading waiting group by clicking the link below. By submitting your email to the list you are providing us with permission to use your email to inform you when readings are uploaded online and available to purchase.

Click here to sign up to the reading waiting group. Once you have had a reading from Edwin you will be removed from the reading waiting group.

When you successfully book a reading it will be emailed to you using the email address in your PayPal account unless you tell us otherwise.

We have over 500 people on the reading list and so usually readings will sell out within half an hour of being uploaded. You will have to act fast to book your reading as soon as you receive email notification.

The following is a list of topics that Edwin is unable to answer in all types of reading: paternity, medical diagnosis, financial investment, matters concerning relationships, communicating with the dearly departed and other business and domestic concerns.

The minimum age for readings and spiritual consultations from Edwin is 21.

Edwin will only accept personal readings bought by the payee for the payee. The reason for this is to ensure that information brought forward is always provided in accordance with permission from the client. If you want to buy a service from Edwin for someone else please give them the means to do so i.e. give them the money.