The Hermit's Lantern is a series of recorded mini workshops created by Edwin Courtenay and Andrew Helme during the corona virus covid 19 outbreak of 2020 to administer to the spiritual needs of those social distancing and self isolating.

Initially consisting of 12, one hour long recordings the mini workshops draw from Edwin's 29 years of spiritual teaching to offer a treasury of insight and understanding on topics as wide and varied as angels and ascended masters relevant to the current situation, to the power of the magical elements and body elementals, to weighty and lofty themes such as karma and the afterlife.

Recorded from his home in Northumberland the teachings have an easy, natural and unscripted style containing theory, live trance channelling, meditation and spiritual exercises.

Perfect for the novice or more spiritually advanced alike, the teachings combine to form an in depth training into the esoteric world. Shining the Hermit's lantern light into the past, present and future so as to remind and awaken the slumbering soul and offer practical guidance and advice as how to actualise those unseen powers at hand to help with the individual's journey here on Earth.

Each workshop is available as a digital download to UK residents only - for our international friends please email me for details. The workshops are priced at £15 each and can be downloaded from a link which will be emailed to you once confirmation of payment has been received.

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Hermit's Lantern