Violet Flame Earth Healing Meditation
This concise meditation (12:50mins) was created to easily fit into your day. Prompted by the earthquake in Morocco in September 2023 this FREE Earth Healing meditation draws upon the power and presences of the Violet Flame. From the Violet Flame Angels Samael, Zadkiel, Jeremiel, Amitrael and Tzaphkiel to the Ascended Master Lady Portia, St Germain and their Chelas - as well as working with the Violet Flame Dragons. Channelling the transformative and restorative power of the active principle of the 7th Ray to Mother Earth and all areas and aspects of her life and life forms that are in need.

Offer yourself in service to the Earth Mother and her children and let the Violet Flame flow through you, that it might be used to offer rescue and healing to the land, sea and sky and all those who live upon it, swim and dwell within it and soar through its skies.

Please feel free to share this meditation and use it in your own services, workshops and groups - remembering always to credit Edwin Courtenay (who owns the copyright) and direct people to his website.

PLEASE NOTE this meditation may not be used for commercial purposes.