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The Alchemy Of St Germain - 60

The Ascended Master St Germain is famed for many things most notably in recent years the fact that he is Master of the Violet Flame the active principle of the 7th Ray HOWEVER St Germain is much more than just the guardian of this ancient power. A Master who has lived many, many times hailing from the ancient golden age Atlantis up until the 18th century St Germain is a MASTER ALCHEMIST a spiritual adept who has plundered and acquired true understanding of the alchemical process as a means for ascension and enlightenment.

In this one day workshop St Germain will guide us through the often-considered complex mysteries of alchemy revealing it in truth to be a profoundly simple system for transforming the leaden spirit into the golden soul anchoring the power of the I AM presence that part of us which is God here on Earth! For the first time St Germain will reveal how this process can be understood and mastered so that not only can we transform ourselves and our lives bringing it in harmony with the will of the Higher Self and therefore into a state of grace, ecstasy and bliss but also sharing with us how we can pass this power onto others becoming a living spiritual catalyst for the ascension of the planet and its people a true philosophers tone!

The workshop will include personal channeled information from the Master St Germain for all those that attend concerning their alchemical path and what they need to do specifically to move forwards now. It will also in part explore the magical aspect of the Alchemical Path the Notae and how this can be used to alter the nature of reality itself!

Date:Sunday 23rd September 2018
Time:10am - 5pm
Location:Kirkwhelpington Village Hall

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