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Healing The Dying The Dead - £60

Edwin Courtenay has been healing throughout the world for 26 years. During this time he has had the honour of working with many terminally ill clients, as well as guiding those who have passed into the light of the spirit world.

Edwin helped heal his father up to his passing with dementia and only last year tended his dying mother for three days as she passed into spirit.

In this one day workshop Edwin will share his personal experiences of healing the dying and guiding those who pass into spirit safely and securely. He will speak of the psychic signs and symptoms seen and felt in the energy body as it prepares for transition, how to treat the person and tend to the space around them in order to make their passing easier and how to ensure at the point of their passing, that they have made their transition into the light successfully.

He will speak about how to tend to the terminally ill on a mental and emotional level as well as physically and spiritually, offering them hope and comfort without misrepresenting the nature of their situation.

He will also offer guidance on how the healer might better take care of their own energy and emotions whilst healing the dying, as well as focusing on his own experiences with people who have chosen to take their own life and how healing can be done to help their spirits with their continued progression.

The workshop will also contain experiential meditations and exercises as well as live trance channellings from spirit, it is perfect for any healer who may find themselves faced with these challenges as well as those who find themselves caring for a terminally ill relative or loved one.

This workshop is a labour of love offered in the memory of Edwin’s mother and father Joyce and Ron Courtenay.

PLEASE NOTE - This will be a 'pass along' workshop and all exercises and meditations will be scripted.

Date:Sunday 25th February 2018
Time:10am - 5pm
Location:Kirkwhelpington Village Hall

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