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Crystals To Go - £60

With Edwin Courtenay

Based upon Edwin’s new book – released in March 2019 – the crystals to go workshop explores the mineral kingdom from Edwin’s unique magickal perspective. Calling upon new and simple techniques featured in the book to help with choosing, cleansing, charging and dedicating crystals the workshop open our eyes so that we might see and explore the mineral world as a living spiritual ally on our journey. Incorporating meditation techniques for connecting with crystal devas, magickal techniques for summoning etheric crystals and invocations for calling upon the angel of crystals and the ascended master Hilarion – the atlantean crystal master. This workshop – perfect for the novice or experienced crystal worker alike – provides potent techniques for meditating with crystals, healing the self and others with crystals and using crystal grids for absent healing, spirit rescue and healing the planet.

Date:Sunday 24th March 2019
Time:10am - 5pm
Location:Kirkwhelpington Village Hall

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