Here be a message from the CunningMan. Take heed of his words for they last but 24 hours. After the next rising of the sun return for wisdom offered as you choose.

The Wand
The Wand is an aid to focusing and directing the Magicians will and power, an amplifier if you will but has no true power of its own save that which it becomes imbued with from the Magician. Aligned to the element of Air it is a conductor, a little like a lightning rod, enabling the Magicians might to move with greater fluidity and ease. As the wand has come to you today there is an indication that you need now to focus, to maximise your concentration. Eliminate all interfering thoughts and sharpen your goal. Use quartz crystal to help or peppermint or pine as well as the colours white, yellow and blue. Step into your power and your authority and be bold and strong no longer doubting yourself but rather being supremely confident and sure. Now is the time to take advantage of the moment and act, seizing the opportunity to be truly great!