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Northumberland Retreat
At Brinkburn Priory
September 25th - 29th

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Kieron Morgan Brother of Dragons, Magician and Guardian of the Violet Flame chakra of the Earth and Edwin Courtenay Spiritual Teacher, Clairvoyant, Channel and magician invite you to a magical tour of Leith Hill the home of the Violet Flame Earth Chakra. To learn not only about this unique and powerful phenomenon but also to receive an updated attunement to its energies and discover the latest manifestations there - the ever emerging energies of New Avalon and the return of the Goddess Etherley the Goddess of the Hill.

The Lady Ascended Master Portia - patroness of the 9th Ray - has come forward as the lady of silver - the overseeing presence of the feminine expression of the Violet Flame the Silver Violet Fire. Offering the chance to receive her teachings about the magickal opportunities held by this beautiful space to help cleanse and clear all internal doubt and anxiety at these trying times reaffirming our individual place upon the Divine path of Ascension.

Using the gateway of the Violet Flame Earth Chakra at Leith Hill Lady Portia and the Goddess Etherley will return to those who attend their personal magick lost throughout time to persecution, scepticism, doubt and fear.

The two day retreat will include shamanic journeys to connect with the power of the hill and meditations to meet the Lady of Silver and the Goddess Etherley receiving their gifts and clearings. An updated attunement to the Violet Flame Earth Chakra and an updated Awakening of the personal Violet Flame Chakra with instruction as to how it might be better used. There will be live channellings and guided exercises as well as shared techniques for creative magick using Etherley's Way.

Not to be missed this mini retreat can be undertaken as either a two day workshop or two individual one day sessions.

Attendees are advised that the cost only includes attendance to the workshop and does NOT include accommodation or food.

The cost is 110 for both days or 65 per day

To apply contact Kieron : kieron_morgan@hotmail.com or 07979695021

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