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Edwin Courtenay is a spiritual teacher, author and visionary artist, a seer and spirit medium for the ascended masters & angels with 32 years of experience teaching and offering consultations throughout the world.

Edwin describes himself as a cunningman - a practitioner of folk magic, divination and healing in the tradition of the cunning folk of 15th century England. These being the original country shamans of the UK who worked happily with the invocation of saints and angels as they did elementals and the spirits of the old gods.

Principally working with the ascended master St Germain and the spirit of the Merlin - Edwin is also a channel for the crystal skull collective the conclave or ancients - many vessels of which he is guardian and keeper of.

Edwin is spirit led in his work - asked by the spiritual hierarchy to present workshops and lectures on specific topics that they believe humanity needs to receive. During this process he will be given directly information from spirit as well as being guided to research that which will further enrich and quantify the knowledge offered. Organising the finished product into a fully immersive, interactive, educational and enjoyable experience for all.

Edwin teaches online via Zoom with the occasional in person appearance up and down the country - he lives in Northumberland with his partner Andrew Helme and their dog (and familiar spirit) Bessie.

Edwin has written nine books: The Ascended Master Book of Ritual and Prayer, Reflections the Masters Remember, The Archangelic Book of Ritual and Prayer (all of which are available in English, German and Portuguese) and more recently six books from his To Go series - Ascension To Go, Magick To Go, Crystals To Go, Angels To Go, Psychic To Go and Healing To Go - all available to buy from this website.

He and Andrew have also created four oracle decks - the Spirit Light Mandala Oracle, the Wisdom of the Merlin Oracle, the Oracle of the Pagan Spirit and the Oracle of the Hidden Kingdom a fairy oracle deck.

Edwin posts frequently to both Facebook and Instagram advertising his courses and posting occasional hints, tips and spiritual life hacks to help those journeying on the path - details of which can be found on the social media tab.