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Workshops, Masterclasses & Retreats 2016

For 2016 as well as workshops and retreats we are also offering Masterclass Retreats. These consist of a weekend stay (3 nights) with us in the stunning North Pennine countryside where you will meet deer, rabbits, red squirrel, rabbits, woodpeckers, rabbits and (did I mention?) rabbits! They are limited to 4 people sharing two bedrooms with single beds. One room overlooks the bird/squirrel table and the other faces East and overlooks the North Pennines where you will be often awoken by the sun on your face and sometimes put to bed by the light of the Moon. We are running 3 of these this year - healing, channelling and magick. See the Masterclass page for more details.

Also, this year we have the return of our popular week long retreat based on a working farm at Kellah - the topic is The 12 Powers. For more information click the link on the left.

Along with these are our workshops facilitated by Edwin but with allowed to Andrew present two of them in the first half of the year. Checkout all the details by clicking on the link in the menu.

Hope to see you sometime in 2016


Andrew, Ed & Bodkin

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