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Northumberland Retreat
At Brinkburn Priory
September 25th - 29th

Mage Light

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Brinkburn Priory
Brinkburn Priory was a medieval monastery built on a bend of the River Coquet, some 4 miles east of Rothbury, Northumberland, England. Little survives of the structures erected by the monks apart from the Priory Church, which is a grade I listed building in the care of English Heritage.

Burial place of the Northumberland fairies and the Sleeping Huntsman
One local legend points to Brinkburn Priory as the resting place of a band of indigenous fairies who – killed by the potency of the Priory bell – died and were buried in the grounds. Whilst another legend speaks of a Huntsman who, having offended one of the priors, was enchanted to sleep beneath the earth surrounded by his hounds until such a time as when disturbed he might reawaken and return.

The Devil's Causeway
Interestingly passing the priory less than 1 mile to the east (where it crosses the River Coquet) is the Devil's Causeway, the causeway is a Roman road which to the Anglo-Saxons appeared straight and unyielding cutting across their lands in an unnatural fashion and therefore “must have been the work of supernatural beings”. So the Roman road that runs through Northumberland to the River Tweed became known as the Devil's Causeway.

Passes & Special Access
As our accommodation is so close to the Brinkburn Priory we have secured three day passes into the Priory for all who attend – so that during their free time they might enjoy the Priory’s peace and power as well as its incredible acoustics and stunning stained glass windows – some of which bare the most incredible depictions of the Archangel Michael and Gabriel.

We have also attained private access to the Priory one evening so that we might as a group attune ourselves to its secrets and work with both the Mage Light energy and sacred sound to connect with the near by Lay Line, the Fairy Folk and the spirit of the Sleeping Huntsman. Needless to say we will be exploring all of these mysteries alongside our other work on the retreat.

For further information and how to book please click on the links on the left.

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