Hermit's Lantern
The Soul
Of all the wonderful presences that we call upon to help us navigate the spiritual path the soul - also known as the higher self - that part of us that remains in the other world managing and directing us inc ornate here on Earth often becomes overlooked and ignored. And yet there is no greater presence than the soul when it comes to knowing who we truly are, why we are here and what we have done! No greater presence that has the power to influence our journey through synchronicity, serendipity, omen and portent - guiding us to the people and places that we need to visit and know.

In this mini workshop Edwin explores the true nature of the soul, what it is, where it is, its form and function and how we might better align to it so that it might serve and guide us through these difficult times. Helping us to be the best that we can be now, evolving in accordance with its will and design towards a time of true ascension and transformation.

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