Hermit's Lantern
Spiral Within
The classic magical elements of earth, air, fire and water are often seen only in their masculine form as representing the philosophical and spiritual powers of knowing, daring, will and silence - according to the traditional magical creed. However, a lesser known spiritual truth is the power that they hold inside - their widdershins or divine feminine power - which influences the heart and unconscious mind!

Now - more than ever before - we need access to these powers - the powers of wondering, surrender, acceptance and resonance so that we might use them to navigate the choppy, difficult and uncertain waters of our current lives. In this hour long recording Edwin explores these forces and how we might draw upon them, liberating them from within so that we might use them to make empowered choices and adopt powerful states of consciousness opening us to the magic and power of the Goddess within us and all around in our world.

The recording includes:

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