Hermit's Lantern
For The Love Of The Divine
The Gnostic Goddess Shekinah is the antithesis of the traditional Christian patriarchal god illustrated in the bible as vengeful, imposing and gruff. Shekinah is the mother of love and nurture, the goddess of kindness and compassion, the healing deity who through understanding brings acceptance and peace.

In this hour long recorded mini workshop Edwin reveals the origins and nature of this often un heard of goddess who sits on the left hand side of Jehovah the traditional divine father figure. Explaining the importance of her role and function now as empathic mother of mankind, forgiving of our trespasses and redeemer of our self recrimination and sin. He explores how and why we might call upon her and how the power of her presence might be used to trigger from within deep healing by placing us in a state of comfort where - for some for the first time - we might feel the love of the divine.

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