Hermit's Lantern
Angel Fire
Many of us carry within negative thoughts and emotions - particularly at this moment in time - which we know are unhealthy and self defeating but which despite our best efforts we can't seem to free ourselves from. Having exhausted the usual routes of EFT, flower essences and the good old violet flame where do we turn to for liberation and freedom? Love has the power to set us free by saturating us in a power divine and heaven sent that enables us to simply let go of those things that we might not even be aware we are holding onto!

The Archea (female archangel) Tzaphkiel is a violet flame angel who is emissary and herald for the divine mother goddess, capable of opening up our heart, mind and energy that we might truly receive the power of the love divine. Her particular frequency of the violet flame - which she calls her Angel Fire - having the power to burn through conscious, unconscious and energetic ties that bind our fear and doubt, our sadness and our grief to us holding us prisoner from the true potential of our inner light.

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