Visionary Art

Noun: visionary
Plural: visionaries
  1. Adjective: relating to or having the ability to see visions in a dream or trance, or as a supernatural apparition. "visionary dreams"

Visionary art is a mystical form of psychic art that focuses on the production of portraits of high vibrational spiritual presences such as spirit guides, guardian angels and totem animals. As well as the creation of mandalas representing the energy of the soul, the energy of the spiritual teacher or the soul temple - the vibrational realm and body of the souls energy - rather than the more traditional pictures of the dearly departed.

Created in a state of light trance Edwin uses digital art techniques in the Optical Art style in order to create evocative pictures which seem alive with movement and energy, painted in jewel like colour - richly over laid with half hidden symbols and presences.

The pictures are emailed as a jpeg with a 500 word interpretation of the image - detailing additional information given to Edwin by spirit - sent as a PDF file. Presences for portraits and spiritual teacher mandalas can be nominated or the querent can ask Edwin to bring forwards those divine beings that present themselves at the time of the pictures creation