Absent Trance Channellings - £60

Up until recently Edwin has only ever employed light trance states when giving absent trance channellings but recently he has been practising in secret to deepen his trance connection with the Ascended Master St Germain - now THE ONLY Ascended Master that he channels in this way!

This exclusive attunement with St Germain has enabled Edwin to fine tune and lock in his connection, facilitating greater and clearer information from the Master and the Ascended Master collective that St Germain is aligned to - and a greater presentation of the Master St Germain’s character and energy.

The Absent Trance Channelling becomes then now not just a communication of wisdom and words but a direct transmission of energy - whereby the presence and power of St Germain and the 7th Ray reaches forwards through the recording potentially directly influencing on an energetic level the holistic nature of the client for whom the reading is given.

As a result of this the trance channelling may have a different flavour to those offered by Edwin in the past, the pace being a little more measured and the language used more exclusively St Germain.

Who is this for?
This reading is perfect for the serious light worker or spiritual student who is seeking specific and personal detailed spiritual guidance and answers to their current questions and problems.


Edwin will only accept personal readings bought by the payee for the payee.

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