Absent Trance Channelling

Noun: trance
Plural: trances
  1. a half-conscious state characterised by an absence of response to external stimuli, typically as induced by hypnosis or entered by a medium."she put him into a light trance"
  2. daze, stupor, haze, hypnotic state, half-conscious state, dream, daydream, reverie, brown study, suspended animation; dwam

Trance Channelling is the ability to move at will into an altered state of consciousness allowing other worldly beings such as Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and Angels to communicate through the Trance Channel, through their voice or written word (automatic writing) or sometimes other forms of artistic creation.

Edwin is a light trance channel, allowing Spirit to take control of his body and speak through him whilst remaining close by in spirit so that he can listen in and learn as he teaches and guides others.

Edwin currently channels only his spiritual teachers the Ascended Master St Germain, the Cosmic Ascended Master the Spirit of the Merlin and the Archangel Abraxas. In readings it is these beings who either bring forwards guidance for the quitrent directly or communicate with the spiritual hierarchy and relay messages from them on their behalf.

Trance channellings last approximately 30 mins and are digitally recorded with a link being emailed to you upon completion of the reading that enables you to down load the sound file.

You can choose to leave the reading open or ask up to five SPIRITUAL questions concerning yourself - Edwin WILL NOT answer any questions about other people without their written permission nor will he answer any questions on physical or mental health, paternity, finances or house moves.

Edwin's readings are of a spiritual nature only focusing on the personal ascension and development of the individual, their current energetic status, their psychical and spiritual potential, life path and destined purpose, past lives and spiritual guides and patrons.

Please note ALL of Edwin's readings are conducted absently via pre booked sessions which are released on a monthly basis - readings book quickly as Edwin is in high demand and therefore we encourage you to sign up to the Reading Waiting List so that you can be informed before the general public when slots become available - after which readings can be bought on a first come first served basis.