The Oracle Of Mr E - £60

The Oracle Of Mr E
The Oracle of Mr E is a home made photographic oracle created from candid snaps of the wonders and sights of Edwibn's occult collection, sanctuary and home!

Using his clairsentience and channelling ability as well as his knowledge of signs and symbols in combination with his intimate understanding of the images used Edwin will provide a broad spectrum spiritual reading.

Holding his mind open to that which the universe seeks to impart to you at this moment in time, in order to aid you on your spiritual quest for continued development, service and the fulfilment of your life path and purpose.

Unlike other readings this one does not focus on the negative! Not blockages or shadows, not challenges or obstacles but rather only those positive influences entering your life! Opportunities, energies, allies and goals. Potentials, abilities and miracles in the making.

Seeking a positive uplift to help you through the dark times of the year? This reading is for you - a little light to help you navigate the cold chill of winter and set you on a brighter path to 2024!

  • Edwin will only accept personal readings bought by the payee for the payee. The reason for this is to ensure that infomation brought forward is always provided in accordance with permission from the client. If you want to buy a service from Edwin for someone else please give them the means to do so i.e. give them the money.
  • You will receive a confirmation email of the reading type and date.
  • The reading is recorded absently and emailed to you via the email link in your Paypal account unless you tell us differently. This is NOT a phone or zoom reading.
  • This is a spiritual reading for those journeying on the their spitiual path and focuses on these topics only.
  • The minimum age for readings and spiritual consultations from Edwin is 21.
  • The reading is conducted on the booked date and time and digitally recorded absently and sent to the client via email.
  • Edwin will only accept personal readings bought by the payee for the payee.

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