Spell Singing

  1. "vardlokker" (an enchanter, singer of spells or caller of spirits), a magician, shaman and exorcist, a binder of spirits and guardian of dimensional doors.

Edwin has been using spell songs, mantras, chants, enchantments, affirmations and toning in his workshops and healing sessions for 28 years. Drawing upon power languages, spells and mantras from all over the world ~ as well as creating his own ~ he has developed a unique form of "direct voice" mediumship whereby his spiritual teachers, guides and guardian angel sing through him - adding their power to his own in order to weave with his voice power magick!

Spells songs can be created and sung for all manner of purpose from healing to cleansing, protection to manifestation as well as psychical and spiritual development and attuning to the Soul.

Edwin offers Spell Singing by petition only, encouraging those who think they might benefit from such a service to email him with their enquiry so that Edwin and his guides might determine if they can help. If this is the case then after payment is made Edwin will record the Spell Song for the client - as well as performing it for them - with any further instructions that might be needed regarding how the song might be further employed and used. Edwin may incorporate ate into the Spell Song the use of sacred sound instruments such as drum, flute, crystal singing bowls and tongue drums. As each song is unique the length of the recordings may vary.

Once completed a link of the recording will be emailed to the client enabling them to digitally download the sound file.

If you are interested in a Spell Song please click here to email Ed