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The Mage Light is the ancient power of magick used by magicians, wizards, sorcerers and witches since the beginning of time. It's roots traced from Lemuria and ancient Atlantis it is internal magik, not reliant upon the planets or the stars, herbs, crystals or ritual and ceremony. Not dependant upon the successful invocation of angels, masters or Gods, it requires no understanding of magical law or application of magical rule but rather it is a power that flows simply from within, directed by the will and the imagination of the user

It exists as a dormant seed within all people a seed which needs to be activated, stimulated into life, a flower which once in bloom and aligned to the power of the 'Soul of magick' grants its possessor access to potentially limitless force which can be used in a variety of different ways!

The Mage Light is now being returned to the people of the Earth, returned at a time when they need it the most, a time when simple and yet effective magical practice is required for the world and it's people to help usher them into a new age and help restore unity, hope, wellbeing and peace.

Revealed to Edwin by his spiritual teacher the Spirit of the Merlin as a system of learning and application it is offered here, for the first time as levels one and two combined enabling those who attend not only to learn how to apply the magick to themselves, their life and the lives of others but also how to pass on level one of the system and initiate others into the power itself!

Throughout the retreat subjects covered will include:

  • Initiation into the Mage Light System
  • Tuition in how to use the power of the Mage Light for self healing and the healing of others
  • How to call upon the Mage Light to create magical cocoons for restoration and recovery from illness for the self and others
  • How to call upon the Mage Light for ultimate powerful spiritual protection
  • How to use the Mage Light for:-
    • manifestation
    • blessing
    • the clearing of objects, people and space and the creation of sacred space
    • astral and shamanic journeying
    • Earth healing and releasing the earthbound and trapped spirits
  • How to channel the 'Soul of Magik'
  • How to initiate others into level one of the system

Also included in the retreat will be a personal channelled reading from Edwin and the casting of an astrological chart depicting your Merlin asteroid with interpretation. We will request your birth information (date/time/place) at a later date.

During the retreat we will be going out into the landscape where we will visit and work with The Angel Of The North and Northumberlandia two great energy centres bringing joy and light to the region and the world. This is planned for Wednesday 10th when the Moon is full in Libra.

The retreat will take place in the grounds of Brinkburn Priory a medieval monastery with the river coquet on three sides. Within the grounds of the priory there sits a powerful Fairy Portal which we will have access to and make use of throughout the retreat.

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