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Universal Language Reading - £55


Universal Language is a sacred geometry/numerology 30 minute reading which offers an holistic overview (mind, body, spirit, heart, psychic energy) using platonic solids combined with colour and numerology. The reading also offers guidance on your Patron Archangel and Ascended Master and is created using gem dice as the divinatory tool.

This reading is perfect for anyone seeking a snap shot update at this moment in time of where they are on their spiritual path. These readings will be available on a month by month basis and those already registered (via the website) will get the option to book one first.

PLEASE NOTE questions concerning financial situations, paternity, medical diognosis and relationships WILL NOT be answered. This is a reading for those seeking guidance on their spiritual paths only focusing on such topics as past lives, psychical and spiritual potential, guides and spiritual teachers, energy blockages and ascension topics.

When you book a reading the Paypal receipt is the only confirmation you will receive.

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