Soul Temple Mandala - £40

The Soul Temple Mandala depicts the vibrational home of your Soul - the spiritual ashram or retreat to which the spirit returns in sleep in order to be energised by the Soul - the Higher Self - and upgraded with information and power for its continuing journey. The mandala contains clues as to the nature and origin of the Soul, its true purpose and power and those alignments that the spirit can find on Earth to better connect with it - such as the Soul Stone and Earth Ally (flower, weed, tree or herb) that best represents its vibration and power. The Soul Temple can also reveal significant lifetimes - such as the first period in history and location in which the Spirit incarnated revealing the spirits vibrational home on Earth. The mandala can then be used as a contemplative device for greater attunement to the Soul energy, so that the Spirit can access wisdom and information, light code and key updates whilst conscious. Interpreted in a 500 word pdf document the mandala is presented as a jpeg image.

Who is this for?
This is a reading for the more advanced spiritual aspirant and light worker, someone seeking deeper understanding concerning the nature of their true being and origin and a means for furthering that contact.