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Six Month Forecast - £55


A 30 minute Trance Channelled Reading digitally recorded and sent as a downloadable file from Google drive focusing on spiritual guidance for the second half of the year - August 2018 to January 2019.

  • The Archangelic and Ascended Master Patrons watching over you for the second 6 months of the year and why these spiritual beings have chosen to be your guides.
  • Those crystals, colours, totem animals and other 'allies' that you are vibrationally in resonance with and why you may want to call upon them for help and assistance.
  • The 'spiritual themes' of the second half of the year that you may want to bear in mind as you begin your journey into 2019.
  • A personal appraisal of the notable energetic occurrences up and coming in the six months that lay ahead for you.

When you book a reading the Paypal receipt is the only confirmation you will receive.

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