Spirit Guide Portraits - £40

The Spirit Guide is that presence - once living - who is bound to us through karma and seeking to serve as our guide and mentor on our spiritual path. Usually someone we have known before in a past life - who has done us some wrong - they seek now from their perfected state to clear the remaining karmic thread by offering us their assistance. The portrait depicts the guide as well as incorporating images and symbols associated with them and with their current connection to us. Presented as a jpeg image it can be used to strengthen connection to the guiding presence as a contemplative device when meditating or simply by keeping the image close at hand. An accompanying 500 word document presented as a pdf details the guides name, their karmic connection to us and the specific nature of the help and assistance they desire to give, it may also include others tells regarding the guides presence such as their calling card - symbol - and those smells, tastes and sensations that may accompany the manifestation of their presence.

Who is this for?
This is the perfect reading for anyone seeking first contact with their spirit guide or those seeking to deepen connection using an image.