Guardian Angel Portrait - £40

The Guardian Angel is that presence created specifically for us by the Divine as an extension of its love for us, residing within the body of the Soul the Guardian angel seeks to steer us on our spiritual journey encouraging us to clear our karma and bring to the fore our psychical and spiritual destiny whilst fulfilling our life purpose. Unlike the Spirit Guide the Guardian Angel is not so concerned with our day to day needs or traumas but rather entirely focused on the development of our spiritual nature and life purpose. The reading is delivered as a jpg image of the angel depicting them surrounded by those symbols and colours representative of the angels energy and the nature of their connection and guidance for us. The accompanying 500 word document - delivered as a pdf - interprets the image and incorporates channelled messages from the angel to help us journey forwards at this moment in time.

Who is this for?
This is the perfect reading for anyone seeking first contact with their Guardian Angel or those seeking to deepen contact using the image which can be used as contemplative device in meditation or kept nearby to better align the energy of the angel with our own. It also seeks to help those feeling a little lost on their spiritual path.