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Guardian Angel Portrait - £30

The Holy Guardian Angel is a manifestation of Divine love, created by the Gods just for us, to watch over us in all our lifetimes and between them too. The Guardian Angel steers us towards clearing our karma, contributing to the Divine Plan, expressing our true potentials and following our destined path. Edwin Courtenay clairvoyant digital artist and channel uses his visionary powers to paint a picture of your Guardian Angel rich in colour, character and symbolism and sends it to via email with an accompanying 500 word message from your Guardian Angel to you. The portrait becoming a modern day icon window through which you can draw energy, strength and guidance from your guardian and to which you can petition their help and assistance. A wonderful gift to give the self or another these Guardian Angel portraits are truly Divine!

Edwin needs nothing more than your name to complete your picture but if you have any pre existing knowledge of your Guardian Angel that you would like to share with him you can do so by emailing him

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