Familiar Spirit Portrait - £40

The Familiar Spirit Portrait (or Totem Animal Portrait) focuses on the animal guide of the individual, the spirit presence sent by the Gods to watch over, guide and direct the traveller on their spiritual journey. Used traditionally in magic, hedge riding (shamanic journeying) and for protection the Familiar Spirit can be a creature of air, water or land and even a “fantastic beast” - a creature of myth and legend such as a Fairy, Unicorn or Dragon! The image is rich in symbols and colours which reveal the nature of the guidance and power that the Familiar holds for us, presented as a jpeg image it is accompanied by a 500 word pdf document interpreting the image and containing information on why the Familiar has been sent and how it can be summoned and worked with, the image itself can be used as contemplative device in meditation, journeying and future spiritual work.

Who is this for?
The perfect alternate gift to the Spirit guide and Guardian angel Portrait - ideal for the pagan, shaman, witch or wizard - the Familiar Spirit Portrait provides us with access to our guardian and spirit ally so that we might better build a further relationship with this potentially powerful presence.