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Absent Trance Chanellings - £55


They last approximately 30 minutes, are conducted in a light trance state coming from the Ascended Master or Archangel, Guardian Angel Spirit Guide or Higher Self depending upon your request - or can be left open to see which presence wants to communicate with you.

You may ask up to 5 SPIRITUAL questions or can leave the reading completely open - if you have questions please send them to

It is your responsibility to provide Edwin with your questions BEFORE your reading date. Edwin will NOT chase you up and assume you have no questions if none are provided.

Edwin Courtenay has been channelling the spiritual hierachy for 27 years and is an internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher, author, clairvoyant and channel.

PLEASE NOTE questions concerning financial situations, paternity, medical diognosis and relationships WILL NOT be answered. This is a reading for those seeking guidance on their spiritual paths only focusing on such topics as past lives, psychical and spiritual potential, guides and spiritual teachers, energy blockages and ascension topics.

When you book a reading the Paypal receipt is the only confirmation you will receive.

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