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Ascension Tarot - £50


The Ascension Tarot Reading is a 30 minute recorded consultation that utilises Edwin’s combined skills of clairvoyance and channelling to provide spiritual guidance that covers a vast range of topics. Reinterpreting the traditional tarot Edwin taps into this vast resource of spiritual teaching and guidance led by the Archangels and Ascended Masters. The resulting reading is road map for personal spiritual ascension – an esoteric MOT that provides the client with a snap shot of where they are spiritually and where they are heading and what tools and resources are available to them to help them along their way.

The reading covers:-

  • Soul Origin
  • Challenges on the path
  • Current Spirit Guide, Guardian Angel or Ascended Master Patron that can be called upon and how best to do so
  • Most relevant past life at the moment and how best to resolve any pressing karma
  • Guidance for the future spiritual path

This is the perfect reading for someone seeking reorientation on the path, clarity and focus on spiritual goals and direction as to what needs to be focused on now for spiritual development and advancement and how.

When you book a reading the Paypal receipt is the only confirmation you will receive.

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