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Thoth The Atlantean - £60

'From the mansions of the Moon on sea lane beams of light – out of the ancient halls of Armenti I return, Emerald Tablet in hand – to return and restore to you that which I saved and have been guarding for all these years. The keys and powers that will return thee home – to who you were and to who you where always meant to be!'
Thoth the Atlantean.

Thoth is recorded in history, myth and legend as the ancient Egyptian Moon God whose purpose is to preside over the Halls of Armenti recording the history of the world and from time to time gently nudging the outcome of things in the right direction! However reclaimed spiritual history tells us that Thoth’s story began much earlier than this as both an ancient God of Atlantis and a powerful and gifted priest who became his living avatar on Earth.

This workshop explores the true nature of this powerful man god from his origins in Atlantis to his true function in ancient Egypt and beyond. Delving into the mysteries of his famed Emerald Tablets – what they truly are and their purpose – as well as his relevance now in our Earth’s ascension and our own personal spiritual progress and transition in the New Age.

Throughout the day we will also explore and experience:
  • An Initiation into The Halls of Armenti – what they are and how to access them for ourselves and others.
  • How to call upon the power of the Emerald Tablet to reclaim our Atlantean heritage.
  • Thoth’s association with the Moon as God and how this can be drawn upon to gain balanced and safe access to the Moons untapped powers.
  • Initiated access to the true power of the Thoth’s symbols – the Ankh, crook and his baboon self!
  • Thoth’s transformation into Hermes Trismegistus the Magician God of the New Age.
  • Live trance channellings from the Master himself and much, much more

This will be a pass along workshop with scripted meditations and exercises enabling all who attend to teach the workshop and pass on the initiations.

Date:Sunday 22nd April 2018
Time:10am - 5pm
Location:Kirkwhelpington Village Hall

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