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The Rainbow Bridge - 60

The Rainbow Bridge Awakening & Developing Higher Vibrational Mediumship

Edwin Courtenay began his spiritual path as both psychic and medium but in time developed his abilities in a different direction, choosing to work with Angels and Ascended Masters rather than Spirit Guides and the dearly departed. In this experiential workshop Edwin will reveal with the aid of his Crystal Skull Brifrost how one might translate ones natural mediumistic and psychical gifts into a higher octave, contacting and channelling guidance and power from the spiritual hierarchy for the greater good of mankind and the world. The workshop explores the higher chakras often mentioned but rarely fully understood how we might stimulate these safely and work with them for ourselves and others. The workshop also reveals a practical regime designed by Edwin to keep the aspiring channel clear and safe as they develop their craft towards helping others professionally on the spiritual path.

Throughout the day as well as working with specially designed meditations and exercises we will also be exploring the physiology of the brain in relationship to the chakras and psychic gateways in the body and seeing how taking better care of it can help the flourishing higher vibrational mediumship and channel blossom.

This promises to be an exciting experiential journey into the realms of higher service in which Edwin will use his own higher vibrational clairvoyance and channelling skills to bring forwards individual live channelled guidance for all those present!

Date:Sunday 4th November 2018
Time:10am - 5pm
Location:Kirkwhelpington Village Hall

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