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Tree Of Knowledge - £60

The Tree of Knowledge – Exploring the flip side of the Tree of Life

The secret and hidden sphere on the Tree of Life – Da’arth – has long been considered a gateway to the illusive Tree of Knowledge – the Tree of the Goddess in the Garden of Eden from which Eve was said to have dined! For the first time Edwin Courtenay with the help of the Ladies of Shambhalla – the Lady Ascended Masters – will reveal the true nature of the Tree of Knowledge, the fruit that it bares and how these might be worked with to walk upon a path of transformation as apposed to transcendence! The workshop explores then the true meaning of the story of Eve’s temptation, what the Serpent in the Garden really is, the Tree of Knowledge’s connection to the Void and how its power and mystery can simply be called upon to master the natural world around us through the etheric manipulation of the vegetable, mineral and animal kingdom! This workshop reveals then the shamanic magic of the Tree and returns it to humanity now when they need its power the most – restoring lost wisdom that balances the knowledge of the Tree of Life bringing to humanity and the world at last equilibrium and returning the Goddess to her throne in the Garden of Paradise.

This powerful experiential workshop explores these profound mysteries in a simple and practical way where no prior knowledge of the Kabbalah is required, revealing a new form of magickal practice in alignment with the mysteries of the Goddess, available to all.

*Please note that this is a pass along workshop and so anyone who attends will be qualified to pass the workshop on after receiving the scripted meditations and detailed workshop notes.

Date:Sunday 14th October 2018
Time:10am - 5pm
Location:Kirkwhelpington Village Hall

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