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The Aura - 60

With Edwin Courtenay

The aura is the field of light that surrounds all living things, it is the radiance and emanation that flows from the chakras forming the subtle forms which combine to create the aura as a whole. Although many know of its existence few truly understand its purpose and its power and how it can be used in life as well as on the spiritual journey to protect the self and others, to heal and to influence the very nature of reality around us.

In this workshop Edwin Courtenay a clairvoyant who has been seeing and studying the aura for 29 years guides us on a journey of exploration and self awareness offering simple techniques for developing the muscle and power of the aura and opening our psychic senses that we might better see both our own aura and the auras of others. He will also share with us his guidance on how to recognise when the aura has become compromised and damaged and keep the aura clear and nurtured, protected and healed and how we might use these techniques to aid bother ourself and others. Perfect for healers as well as those seeking to master the aura for their own spiritual evolution and mastery of the mundane world this truly eyes opening workshop is packed full of experiential adventures and fascinating information.

Date:Sunday 30th June 2019
Time:10am - 5pm
Location:Kirkwhelpington Village Hall

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