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Seven Spiritual Cures - 60

Panacea is the Goddess of Universal Remedy daughter of the God of All Healing Arts Asclepius. Along with her four sisters and two brothers she forms the 7 Spiritual Cures processes and techniques needed to bring about effective healing within humanity. This one day workshop perfect for the novice and advanced healer alike explores this ancient Goddess and her family, teaching how they might be petitioned and their power channeled in order that we might draw upon their knowledge and Divine power to heal ourselves and others, whilst learning experientially techniques for some of the more obscure healing arts such as etheric healing and spiritual diagnosis. Throughout the day the workshop will cover:-

  • Exploring the nature of the Goddess Panacea and her family
  • Learning how to channel their energy and wisdom
  • Techniques for working with some of the specific powers of the Gods such as etheric surgery and spiritual diagnosis
  • Live channeling form the Gods regarding their spiritual perspective of health and well being
  • Meditations to journey to the Divine Temple of Recuperation and Rest
  • And much, much more!!

*Please note that this is a 'pass along' workshop and so anyone who attends will be qualified to pass the workshop on after receiving the scripted meditations and detailed workshop notes.

Date:Sunday 9th July 2017
Time:10am - 5pm
Location:Kirkwhelpington Village Hall

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