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Melchizadek Quantum Metaphysics - £60

Melchizedek’s Quantum Metaphysics - A New System of Healing, Magick and Manifestation for the Modern Day!

'The true nature of the Godspell can be found within mankind – it is the Divine spark – the I Am Presence – the eternal and infinite cell extracted from the Source at the beginning of everything that gave life to the Higher Self – the Soul. It is from this place that the ability comes to re shape reality at a quantum level leading to change and transformation in the macro-verse that you call home!'
The Archangel Melchizedek

This one day workshop offers first degree qualification in this new and exciting system of healing, magick and manifestation for the 21st Century. The Archangel Melchizedek – Archangel of Communion and the Universal Language of Vibration (Colour, Sound, Numerology and Sacred Geometry) mixes 21st Century science with ancient metaphysics to bring to us a new way to 'co-create with our reality' by drawing upon the power of the 'spark of the Divine within'. Exploring practical and easy to apply techniques to manipulate our Quantum Reality to heal ourselves, others and the world and manifest our desires and purpose.

The workshop reveals new and exciting simple ways of working potently with:

  • The Merkabah and other sacred geometric forms – that does not require a degree in conceptual mathematics!
  • The metaphysical properties of Quantum Entanglement and how we can untangle ourselves from unhealthy energy and situations in both the present and the past whilst working with this principle in order to effect powerful and instantaneous absent healing and magical manifestation!
  • Quantum Wells and how these can be used for banishment and entity release as well as the management of negative energies – negative thoughts, psychic attack and electromagnetic smog.
  • And much, much more

This workshop qualifies all those who attend in the first degree of Quantum Metaphysic’s enabling them to practice as both healer and space clearer – principles that can be used to help others – whilst also developing skills and power to help ones self with manifestation and the better management of the spiritual life.

This promises to be an exciting day filled with live trance channellings from Melchizedek and the spiritual hierarchy as well as experiential meditations and exercises – all those who attend will be emailed at the end of the day with a comprehensive manual of practice.

Date:Sunday 10th June 2018
Time:10am - 5pm
Location:Kirkwhelpington Village Hall

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