Mary Magdalene - £60

With Edwin Courtenay

Up until relatively recently Mary Magdalene was a minor character in the story of Jesus and his disciples only really becoming more truly recognised for her contribution to Jesus's legacy as result of the Dan Brown's book The Da Vinci Code.

In the spiritual community she is also known as the Lady Ascended Master Lady Nada - the Ascended Master of the 3rd ray of innocence, joy, new beginning and hope.

Now in this 12 year - which can also be condensed to a 3 - Lady Nada steps forwards to aid the Archangel Melchizedek as shared patron of 2019 - her power as Priestess of the Sophia - the Gnostic Maiden Goddess - becoming fully seen for the first time, as well as her role as Mother to Sarah - the daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalene - and her role as conduit for the power and presence of the masculine and feminine Christ.

This workshop also explore Mary Magdalene's connection to Veiled Isis and her later identity as the Black Madonna - a role and function also held by Mary the Mother of God - and how this is also relative to today.

This workshop offers profound and practical clues and advice to the underlying spiritual purpose and plan running through the seeming chaos of our modern times as well as opportunities to experience powerful healing and transformative initiations at Lady Nada's hand.

Packed full with meditations, live trance channelling and experiential exercises channelled from Lady Nada to empower us with the techniques we might need to traverse the rest of the year this promises to be a powerful and magical workshop for all.

Date:July 14th
Time:10am - 5pm
Location:Kirkwhelpington Village Hall
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