Magickal Clearing - £60

With Edwin Courtenay

Magical Clearing for the Self and the Space Around Us

Edwin Courtenay has been a practising pagan magician for 30 years throughout which he has been called upon to use his knowledge to clear homes, offices, the land and people of earth bound presences, stray elementals, negative energy, curses, ill will and dark forces! In this exciting and practical workshop Edwin will share some of his easy to apply tried and tested methods for the magical clearing of people and spaces. Offering advice on which easy to obtain herbs, essential oils and crystals can be used and how to use them. As well as which presences to call upon for help and assistance and what simple rituals can be applied quickly and discreetly to produce powerful long lasting results. Edwin will also explore how to fill those clear spaces with the appropriate positive healing energies needed to increase personal well being, as well as what positive energies are best in spaces around us to create the perfect environment for meditation, healing, restful sleep, harmonious relationships and magical development.

In this workshop Edwin will also share with us his observations and understandings and pass on easy to use practical tips for self-diagnosing these conditions in the energy body that we might not normally notice. Looking at our aura, chakras and meridians and how can we tell when they have become infected, polluted and misaligned and what practical steps can we take not only to correct this but also to prevent it from happening in the future?

This workshop is perfect for anyone waking up to the nature of environmental and personal energy for the first time or indeed those long time practitioners of meditation, healing, mediumship and psychic reading struggling now to cope with being sensitive in a world rampant with stress, rage and fear.

No prior knowledge or experience of magik, ritual or ceremony is required in order to make use of these simple and yet potent techniques to enrich your life and the space around you - freeing yourself from the harmful side effects of the modern day and learning how to create easy to use and simple to erect powerful fields of protection.

Date:September 29th
Time:10am - 5pm
Location:Kirkwhelpington Village Hall
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