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Moon Astrology And Magic - 60

With Edwin Courtenay & Andrew Helme

Edwin Courtenay an experienced magical practitioner and channel will speak about how we can create a stellar sphere of starry sacred space in which to call down the power of the Moon or indeed when needed banish its unwanted energies. He will also lead us on a guided meditation to visit the Moon Goddess herself and receive a potent strengthening and awakenment of intuition and psychical power attuning us to the beneficial radiances of the Moons light.

Andrew will look at the movement of the Moon and explore how you can use its cycles to help your daily emotional state. Predicting highs and lows, easy and difficult periods based on your own Moon's position in your birth chart. Each attendee will receive their own personal 12 month Moon almanac assuming birth data is available (date/time/place).

Date:Sunday 17th February 2019
Time:10am - 5pm
Location:Kirkwhelpington Village Hall

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