King Of Angels - £60

With Edwin Courtenay

2019 is the year of communion - a 12 year watched over by the archangel of the 12th Ray - Melchizedek - the king of angels. An enigmatic and mysterious character described in various religious texts as both human and divine, Melchizedek is known to the spiritual community as the Archangel of the universal language. The angel of sacred geometry, colour, numerology and sacred sound whose hallows are the rainbow, loaf and chalice because of his association with the giving of the first communion in the old testament. Throughout this day we will explore the true nature of this powerful archangel and his relevance to the year ahead discovering for the first time ever new associations between him and the Divine, the divine blueprint of man, Shem the son of Noah, the ascended master Jesus and the archangel Michael. Through live trance channelling we will hear Melchizadek's pronouncements for the new year and his guidance concerning those things that we need to be prepared for and how to cope with the up and coming challenges that 2019 holds. Through meditations, energetic initiations and exercises we will explore the practical applications of the empowerments we receive at his hand and how we can use these to protect and nurture ourselves and others holistically, how to manifest much needed abundance for ourselves and others - on a holistic level - and how to perform a communion for the new age for ourselves and our community that can provide succour in a time of spiritual and religious doubt and starvation. This promises to be a powerful day packed full of fascinating truths and powerful experiential opportunities to connect with this great benevolent and powerful being ahead of that year in which we may have need of him greatly.

Date:Sunday 24th February 2019
Time:10am - 5pm
Location:Kirkwhelpington Village Hall

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