Edwin Courtenay

Title: Khephera | Date: March 29th | Time: 10-5pm | Location: Kirkwhelpington Village Hall | Cost: £60

With Edwin Courtenay

The Ancient Egyptian White Alchemical Fire of Ascension

Khepera is the active principle of creation, the life force energy which is the White Alchemical Fire that comes from the heart of the Great Central Sun. It carries within it the Flame of Compassion, the Flame of Alchemy and the Flame of Regeneration, the Solar Fire, which is the fuel of the Ascension process. A gift given to the ancient Order of the Winged Scarab in Atlantis this light was used in the Temples of Ascension to aid in the evolution of the planet. Transferred after the Great Destruction to the ancient Egyptian Temples it was seen and recognised as the power of magickal white alchemy that issued forth from Atum the Source, was brandished by Ra the Creator, used to heal and regenerate by Osiris the God of Resurrection and to see through illusion and darkness by his son Horus the God of Revelation and Sight.

For the first time since these ancient days this power is made available to us once again, a force like no other that we can use not only to heal ourselves, those around us and our planet but also to help advance all life on their Ascension Journey by raising their frequency and vibration, catalysing their spiritual evolution and peering through the veils of illusion into the realms of spiritual truth.

This one-day workshop offers an initiation into this great energy, restoring the energy body to light and opening it to the powers of white alchemy. Enabling the initiate to become a constant channel for this great power and surrounding them in a powerful field of protection. It explains the foundations of the power and introduces it's spiritual patrons, providing simple and yet potent techniques through which this energy might be applied in a variety of ways from the profoundly spiritual to necessary mundane.

The workshop is experiential and practical and will include live trance channelling, initiations meditations, practical and yet powerful exercises and much much more!