Edwin Courtenay

Title: The Holy Spirit | Date: February 2nd | Time: 10-5pm | Location: Kirkwhelpington Village Hall | Cost: £60

With Edwin Courtenay

2020 will be a powerful year! A year of challenges and miracles, opportunities and difficulties - wonders, initiations, empowerments and magic!

Overseen by the Cosmic Ascended Master the Maha Chohan - the Holy Spirit itself - it will be a time in which those awoken to the spiritual path within humanity will be presented with a choice - to fully embrace their destiny and power, their life path and purpose and reclaim the powers of divinity that have slumbered inside.

In this preparatory one day workshop Edwin Courtenay spiritual teacher, channel and clairvoyant will bring forwards directly though live trance channellings the wisdom of the Maha Chohan for 2020. That this Cosmic Ascended Master Light Being might finally reveal the true nature and mystery of the Holy Spirit, its connection to the trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost and its presence and power now as a powerful guiding and empowering force for all those seeking to make a positive difference in the world.

This interactive workshop will include:

This promises to be a powerful day full of revelation, empowerment and powerful spiritual experiences - an opportunity to top up the spiritual battery before entering into the maelstrom of the new year - NOT TO BE MISSED!!