Edwin Courtenay

Title: For The Love Of The Divine | Date: May 17th | Time: 10-5pm | Location: Kirkwhelpington Village Hall | Cost: £60

With Edwin Courtenay

The paradox is that what humanity lacks - the thing that is in many ways the answer to all their prayers - is the very thing that they have sought since the beginning of time, the Love of the Divine. And it is this thing, this power that rests at their heart and core
The Shekinah

This powerfully experiential one-day workshop, presented from the Shekinah (the Divine Mother) and her Archangelic Herald Tzaphkiel (the Angel of the Acceptance of Love Divine) offers deep alignment to the second greatest power in the Universe - DIVINE LOVE.

This power - the motivating force of all creation - exists within us all as our core and centre and yet many of us struggle to find and release it to its full potential in our lifetime. This workshop offers alignment and simple and yet power techniques for doing just this, opening the heart to receive the LOVE DIVINE that it might awaken within us our own potential for loving ourselves and others unconditionally. That we might use this power to heal ourselves, others and the world, that we might discover through it a more intimate and powerful alignment with that Divine being created as an expression of the Divines loves for us - the Holy Guardian Angel and through this connection be more protected, guided and empowered than we have ever been before!

The workshop includes: