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Free Workshop - FREE

The free workshop is a thank you for all that have attended Ed's workshops throughout the year both here in Northumberland and elsewhere in the country. If I can't find your booking on a workshop I may ask you to let me know which one you attended - Thank you.

Archangelic Prescriptions – 'Take two Archangels and call me in the morning!'

There are literally thousands of Archangels – each created by the Divine to watch over and guard a particular aspect of creations from the sublime Kara Dai – the Archangel of Frost – the mighty Elohim the Guardians of Time itself! These magnificent presences can be invoked by man to help them, their mighty powers channeled for protection, manifestation, healing and cleansing – to help ourselves or others, to help humanity as a whole and the world upon which we live. In this fascinating experiential workshop we will explore many of the mighty Archangels that exist that we might better know which presence to petition and call upon when we need them, learning simple and yet powerful techniques for safely channeling their mighty energy as well as hitherto forgotten and lost techniques for powerful Angel Magick. Together we will discover which Angels to call upon for a myriad of ailments that we might use the Angels to perform a complete and holistic healing treatment from spiritual diagnosis to healing heart, body, mind and soul right through to recuperation and wellness. As well as this all those who attend will be told which of all the Archangels is their Patron and what exactly this means! The one day workshop will include:-

  • Meditations to meet your Patron Archangel
  • Techniques to channel the Archangels mighty power
  • Live trance channellings from the Archangels
  • Ancient and forgotten techniques for Angel Magick
  • A litany of Archangels to call upon for every purpose
  • And much, much more!!

*Please note that this is a “pass along” workshop and so anyone who attends will be qualified to pass the workshop on after receiving the scripted meditations and detailed workshop notes.

Date:Sunday 17th December 2017
Time:10am - 5pm
Location:Kirkwhelpington Village Hall
To Book:email:

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