Ascension Numerology

With Edwin Courtenay

For the very first time Edwin Courtenay - spiritual teacher, clairvoyant and Cunning Man will share with those who attend the totally unique Ascension Numerology System as given to him directly by the Ascended Masters and Archangels.

Detailing how it can be used for both the self and others to obtain detailed insights into the nature of the Soul, life path and purpose, the Ascended Master or Archangel watching over you and the nature of the karma you are working on clearing - both for yourself and your family!

This totally immersive and fully interactive workshop will also explore:-

  • The way in which your Soul energy is manifesting through your present incarnation
  • Which sacred geometric form you would be best to use for personal sacred space and manifestation
  • Your your personal recitation sequence in regards to mantras and affirmations for powerful results
  • What colours best compliment the energy of your spirit and your soul!

Add to this the extra bonus of exploring of calculating your position on the Cosmic Clock - in order to see what lies ahead for you in the year to come and you will leave fully prepared to use this new found system for the rest of your life, for yourself, others and the world in order to guide, heal and manifest in perfect harmony with your life path and Soul.

The workshop will be packed full with meditations, live trance channelling and handout to take away with you on the day and as always you will be more than welcome to record the workshop using your own devices. Edwin will also make available his full notes as word documents to those who attend.

Not to be missed this is an excellent give away which may provide you with some profoundly powerful insights into your true nature, potential and purpose.

This workshop is open to all who have attended a workshop in 2019 with Ed in Northumberland.

Please email to be put on the attendee list.