Empathy - £60

With Edwin Courtenay

Empathy - How to develop and manage the gift of the heart

Empathy is an emergent spiritual talent which means more than any other gift at the moment it is this one which is rising to the fore and for good reason!

Empathy enables us to sense the emotions of others as if they were our own, to mirror the emotional radiation of other people. Empathy is both a unifying and healing gift, by enabling us to feel what others feel it narrows the divide of culture, creed and class that is so prevalent in the world today! It also enables us to feel others pain and therefore target their healing more effectively!

But empathy is a double edged sword as until we realise that we possess the gift it can easily be misinterpreted as mental or emotional instability leading us to question our very sanity whilst suffering from the toxic emotions we might encounter on a daily basis in our environment!

In this workshop we will explore the energetic mechanics of empathy and how to both manage the gift whilst protecting the heart and keeping clear and well nurtured our own emotional body. We will explore how to develop and fine tune the empathic power and how to put it too good use in our day to day life and spiritual practice and service. We will explore where the gift can lead us spiritually and the fascinating developments in neuroscience involving mirror neurones in the brain as physiological manifestation empathy in the body!

A must do for anyone who considers themselves to be empathic this workshop is essential for their survival, sanity and spiritual evolution!

Date:October 6th
Time:10am - 5pm
Location:Kirkwhelpington Village Hall
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