Crystal Skulls - £60

With Edwin Courtenay

The crystals skulls have long been a fascination of many - where did they truly originally come from and what is the knowledge that they hold? Do they really possess ancient powerful energies and how can they be used to help heal the self, the world and others as well as guiding us on our spiritual journey. Edwin Courtenay has been the guardian of crystal skulls for over 20 years and shares with us that knowledge given to him by the skulls directly as well as guiding us as to how we might unlock their power for ourselves.

This highly experiential workshop - full of live channellings from the skulls and meditations to connect with them is perfect for the novice and experienced skull guardian alike.

Possession of a crystal skull is not essential as Edwin will have his own skulls on hand for people to borrow and work with.

Date:April 28th
Time:10am - 5pm
Location:Kirkwhelpington Village Hall
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