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Clearing Past Lives - 100

Karmic Clearing A Guidance on the Path Workshop

Our past lives can leave a variety of stains upon our energy effecting our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves karma in all its many forms can drag us down and hold us back from, achieving our goals, embracing our destiny, finding love, manifesting our spiritual abilities and being open to abundance. In this one day workshop Edwin will using his channelling and clairvoyant abilities to provide all those who attend with detailed pre channeled information concerning the various different karmic blockages they are encumbered with. And then throughout the day guiding those present via a series of exercises and meditations as to how they might rid themselves of these dark memories, imprints, patterns and wounds!

This is a highly transformative workshop tailor made for all those who attend providing them with a unique opportunity to transform themselves and set themselves free of the invisible ties that may have been holding them back in this lifetime from moving forwards and embracing their true spiritual destiny!

*Please note those who book and then cancel a week before the workshop will forfeit half of the fee paid as a result of the information for the day already having been channelled.

Date:Sunday 18th November 2018
Time:10am - 5pm
Location:Kirkwhelpington Village Hall

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