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Angelic Guidance On The Path - £100

This one day workshop is perfect for anyone seeking to work in a more powerful and intimate way with their “Angelic Team” for themselves, their family and friends or in a professional and therapeutic capacity with others.

Throughout the day Edwin will pass to all those who attend pre channelled information drawn from his talents as clairvoyant seer and spiritual medium and channel. Information concerning attendee’s Guardian Angel, their Healing Angel and their Patron Archangel, detailing the names and descriptions of these presences, calling cards and signs and symbols associated with them, how they might be summoned and which crystals are best used to make a stronger vibrational link. Information will also be given concerning the attendee’s Soul Archangel – the Archangelic presence set by the Divine to watch over the Soul from a higher perspective and vantage point since the creation of their soul until its return to the Divine.

This information will be punctuated with meditations to make powerful contact with these presences, exercises to help channel their healing and spiritual power for the self and others and simple magical rituals and techniques for summoning the angels and drawing upon their magic.

Perfect for anyone already working with Angels or for those fascinated with these beings of light Angelic Guidance on the Path also offers practical information for personal spiritual development and insight into personal spiritual potential and life path destiny and spiritual purpose.

Date:Sunday 30th September 2018
Time:10am - 5pm
Location:Kirkwhelpington Village Hall

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