How To Channel 02
Date: Tuesday 3rd December┃Time: 7pm - 9pm┃Location: Your House┃Cost: £20
How To Channel Lecture 2

This two part Master Class draws on Edwin's 33 years of experience as a light trance channel for the Ascended Masters, Archangelic Collective, Elementals, Crystal Skulls and Gods.

Drawing upon both his positive and negative experiences it outlines a safe practice designed to enable the novice channeller and more experienced medium alike to develop their craft further.

With the aid of the Master St Germain and his guides and guardian angel Edwin will explore the different forms and stages of channelling ability through practical exercises and meditation. Enabling those who attend to recognise their own potential talents, that they might maximise the development of their unique gifts.

Each lecture will conclude with a live trance channelling through Edwin from one of those presences overseeing the lectures, offering the unique perspective of the channelling experience from the communicating presence. Outlining do's and dont's in regards to channelling development and those crystals, herbs and mantras that might be used to better develop and sustain dependable and safe clear communication.