Date: Thursday 23rd May┃Time: 7pm - 8.30pm┃Location: Your House┃Cost: FREE

Wesak also known as Buddha Day, is a holiday traditionally observed by Buddhists throughout the world and considered to be one of the most important festivals of the year! It commemorates the birth, enlightenment and passing of Gautama Bhudda on the the lunar month of Vaisakhs which is considered the month of the Buddha's birth.

For the spiritual community the Festival of Wesak is a Global Celebration of the work being done by the Spiritual Hierarchy - the Ascended Masters and Archangels in the divine realms. It is also an opportunity for the Light workers of the world to experience a spiritual renewal at the hands of the Spiritual Hierarchy via a ritual conducted by them - in their entirety - in the Himalayas - that most special place on Earth that was once physical home to the Masters of Light.

This year Edwin, Andrew and the Masters invite you to join them for FREE in partaking in this ritual of renewal, communion, energetic update and upgrade and rededication on the path. Receiving both a powerful cleansing AND initiation into the nurturing powers of the Divine as transmitted through the Masters at this time.

The Masters - through Edwin will be your guides - offering explanation concerning the importance of the nature of the day and ritual. The unique elements of this years Wesak and guiding you towards a powerful meditation to journey astrally to the great temple of the Himalayas to join in directly with the Wesak ritual at the appointed time. The evening will conclude with a channelling from the Ascended Master collective offering guidance and updates concerning the Divine Plan and offering focus for the Light Workers for the remainder of the year.

No need to book - just click the link below at the appointed time to enter the zoom call. PLEASE NOTE due to the time sensitive nature of this experience live attendance is required as there will be no recordings available of the meeting.

Zoom doors opens at 6.30pm for a prompt 7pm start finishing at 8.30pm.

This event is limited to strictly 100 people. Please join us early to avoid dissapointment.

Important Booking Information PLEASE READ

  • This event will be live on Zoom. All you need to take part is a computer with a webcam and microphone.
  • If you do not have Zoom, visit zoom.us and sign up for free or download the app.
  • Zoom doors opens at 6.30pm for a prompt 7pm start finishing at 8.30pm and there will be a 10 min comfort break.
  • This event will NOT be recorded.
  • This event is limited to strictly 100 people. Please join early to avoid dissapointment.
  • Please email: andrew.r.helme@gmail.com if you have any questions.