Date: Sunday 30th January┃Time: 11am - 4pm┃Location: Your House┃Cost: £40
When one reads the word Astral one might be forgiven for thinking only of astral projection - the ability to propel ones consciousness out into the infinite in the vehicle of the astral body. However, in truth the mysteries of the Astral are much wider and more profound than simply this!

The Astral world is an entire dimension - a realm where the many and varied elemental species reside, having fled there many hundreds of years ago in order to be free of the tyranny of mankind!

The Astral plane is an ever moving watery sphere influenced by the moon that interpenetrates our dreams - used by spirit and the divine as a point of contact with mankind below, serving to guide, inspire and influence them.

The Astral is an energy, a light which can be shaped with will and imagination in order to create barriers and talismans of light - let alone manifestation here on the physical plane.

The Astral is also a corridor through which we can glimpse at great distance the world around us - as well as the distant past and far future.

This workshop explores the Astral in all its glory, mystery and wonder offering simple to use practical techniques for drawing upon its power and mastering its wonders. Full of meditations and exercises this interactive workshop also reveals those Angels and Spirits of the Astral realms and how we might petition them for help, hearing from some of them directly through the light trance channelling of Edwin Courtenay.

Come along and join us - acquaint yourself with this forgotten and often underestimated and ignored realm of power so close to our own. Sample once again its delights and master its forces as you have long ago - return to Astral and return to yourself a source of magic potent and mighty!

Important Booking Information PLEASE READ

  • This event will be live on Zoom. All you need to take part is a computer with a webcam and microphone.
  • If you do not have Zoom, visit and sign up for free or download the app.
  • This payment is per household and you can have as many people squeezed around your device as you like :-)
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  • The booking window for this event will close 1 hour before the event starts.
  • This workshop will be recorded as audio only and made available to attendees for free and later for public sale. Before it is made available we will remove all references to anyone who participates including all conversations between participants and/or Edwin. All that will remain is Edwin's teachings and any meditations.
  • Please email: if you have any questions.