Edwin Courtenay

Title: Angel Magick G1 ┃Date: Thursday 6th May┃Time: 7pm-9pm┃Location: Your House┃Cost: £80Places: 0
Angel Magick
Since the ancient days of Atlantis - Angels - extensions of the divine will, created by the Source of all light and life to enact the divine plan throughout the multidimensional realities - have taught humanity their ancient magics!

Magics that have been handed down throughout the centuries, cross culturally and throughout the world as prayers and invocations, talismans and sacred signs, candle magic and complicated rituals and ceremonies.

In this four week course - with the help of the Heptad - the original 7 Archangels of creation and light - Edwin Courtenay will share his knowledge of Angel Magic drawn from his 30 years of experience working with and channelling these divine beings. Revealing the many different ways of calling upon their power for the self, others and the world in order to bring about true and lasting change and transformation.

Exploring - with the Angels guidance - both low and high Angelic Magic and how it might be used to set ones self free from karmic ties and bindings, oaths and pacts and contribute to the ascension of the human soul and the realisation of divine purpose. Guiding as to how the angels might be employed in manifesting ones true desire on Earth - whatever it might be!

Over the four weeks we will cover:

This promises to be a potentially powerful and life changing course - packed with meditations, live trance channellings, exercises, simple rituals and ceremonies. Leaving the student with a mini Angel Grimoire (spell book) of powerful magic to work with. Reawakening within slumbering connections to these ancient creatures of divine power and light - perfect for any and all Angel addicts both seasoned and new - whether they have any previous knowledge of angels or magic or none at all!

The angels are waiting … do you hear their call?

PDF notes from the course will be made available to all students as will audio recordings of all the exercises, meditations and channellings and exclusive music composed for the course itself by Andrew Helme.

  • The Zoom course is spread over 4 weeks in 2 hour sessions (7pm-9pm) every Thursday evening beginning 6th May followed by 13th May, 27th May & 3rd June 2021
  • The channellings, guided meditations and exercises will be recorded and made available for free to the participants.
  • Everyone will get a copy of Ed's course notes in a pdf format.
  • All meditation music used on the course will be available exclusively to participants for their use when teaching the course.
  • The payment is per person and numbers are limited to 24.
  • This is a pass along course meaning you will have the tools to be able to teach this yourself to others.
  • IMPORTANT The Zoom link for the course is in your Paypal receipt and it is the same link for every session.