Edwin Courtenay

Title: Magus Crystallus G2 ┃Date: Friday 5th March┃Time: 7pm-9pm┃Location: Your House┃Cost: £80Places Left: 2
Magus Crystallus - The Crystal Magician

A 4 week crystal course with Edwin Courtenay and the Spirit of the Merlin

Over the course of four weeks the Spirit of the Merlin - through his channel Edwin Courtenay - will guide all those who attend into the ancient and forgotten art of the Crystal Magician. Leading them into the Crystal Cave - the mystical and magical school room of learning that exists on the edge of reality where Merlin - the wise and ageless spirit of magic - once taught the disciples of his craft their art.

Unlocking secrets and powers hidden and buried in the stones since the times of the drowned lands of Atlantis - revealing secrets hitherto reserved for Emrys - the Druid who would hold the power of the Merlin and Arthur the once and future King who would be his student and ward. Helping all those who attend discover new ways of using those crystals long in their possession but rarely utilised to their full potential finally unlock their inherent mystical forces for themselves, friends, family and clients and for the greater good of the world!

The course will cover how to work with:

The course will incorporate meditation, live trance channelling and practical exercises designed to empower and awaken the slumbering memory both within the self and those stones within your keep.

A full list of crystals required for the course will be given upon booking.

  • The Zoom course is spread over 4 weeks in 2 hour sessions (7pm-9pm) every Friday evening beginning 5th March 2021.
  • The channellings, guided meditations and exercises will be recorded and made available for free to the participants.
  • Everyone will get a copy of Ed's course notes in a pdf format.
  • All meditation music used on the course will be available exclusively to participants for their use when teaching the course.
  • The payment is per person.
  • This is a pass along course meaning you will have the tools to be able to teach this yourself to others.
  • IMPORTANT The Zoom link for the course is in your Paypal receipt and it is the same link for every session.